The Gift of Gabe

A Novel Experience

by Brian Joseph

An invitation to wonder ... ... ... ... An invitation to mystery
The wonder and mystery of What Is!

From the Back Cover:
Meeting Gabe had seemed like an ordinary event. I didn't know that it would change my life. At first he seemed to be an ordinary old man, then a bit eccentric. Before long I thought that he might even be crazy. Did he really know Einstein, Joseph Campbell, Aldous Huxley and the others that he had claimed to have had conversations with? What about his interest in the music of John Lennon and the Beatles? What was all of this talk about a hidden language? He had already boggled my mind with that and now this! Could it all be true?


“ Brian Joseph manages to put a unique and totally entertaining spin on two of my favorite topics: rock 'n roll and spirituality. And being a total Beatles freak since 1975, I was also fascinated by the interpretations of Beatles lyrics in the book. Especially after having read about every book imaginable on Beatles song analysis.”

Ronnie Dannelley --- EARCANDY

“For those interested in the interconnectivity of What Is, or even just plain intrigued by how radically different others might view the world, The Gift of Gabe is well worth your time.”


“ There are many wonderful songs, book references, and passages throughout that are beautifully brought to life under the author's direct and interesting first person style.”


“Those with a strong interest in The Beatles and philosophy will be thrilled with Brian Joseph's novel.”

Tracy Farnsworth --- ROUNDTABLE REVIEWS

“The Beatles, Pink Floyd and Jimi Hendrix mix with Gnostic traditions, Jung, William Blake, and Joseph Campbell to create a novel that is as original as it is inspirational.”


“While reading this book, I listened to some of the songs mentioned. What I experienced reminded me of looking at one of those Magic Eye posters. If you hold the right focus you can see a 3D-image. The deeper meaning kind of pops out at you after awhile.”


“I savored each page of this book and when I reached the end of it, I had to smile as tears filled my eyes but they were tears of joy and hope. I highly recommend The Gift of Gabe. Read it and gain wisdom.”


“This leads one to the realization that inspired and transcendent poetry -- messages of and from deeper reality or Truth, or the Great Self, God, Spirit, Universal Consciousness, you name it! –can be transmitted whether the vehicle or channel is completely aware or not.”


“The concepts and language shared in this precious book create a beautiful rhythm of ‘What Is’.”

Leslie Palacio --- PATHWAYS WITHIN

“This genuine thought-provoking (and conversation stimulating) book deserves a place on any shelf, especially for Beatles or Jimi Hendrix fans who are also interested in going further with the message(s) in the songs, messages that even the musicians and artists were not aware of !”

Brett Simpson --- THE DREAMTIMES

“In my view The Gift of Gabe stands alongside such works as Elisabeth Haich’s Initiation and the Red Lion by Marie Szepes as a classic piece of spiritual literature.”


“Joseph's understanding of consensus reality, theology and philosophy is rather profound, and his method of using song lyrics to illustrate classic philosophical ideas is effective ……”

Gregg Winkler --- RAMBLES

“Through a "novel experience" we are led to open our minds to a secret language that runs beneath the surface of popular songs, written by writers who have had mystical experiences of awareness.”

Joann Turner --- THE MESSENGER

“The Gift Of Gabe just may contain the sorts of insights and revelations that you've been long thirsting for (but maybe wasn't conscious enough to seek)! Read and Rock On!”


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Comments From Readers

  • “I believe you have discovered a truly amazing beautiful spirit of love in this hidden language.”

  • “I just wanted to say great job on the book! Please tell me that you have some more new books on the horizon.”

  • “You said the perfect words that I already knew, that John was one of the greatest mystical poets of our century.”

  • “I am impressed by the story you tell – indeed, if Gabe is a real person, you were very fortunate to have met him.”

  • “I have avidly read your book and have thoroughly enjoyed it. I was surprised by the ending, quite shocked by it in fact.”

  • “This book really did appeal to me since I am a true Hendrix fan and have been a pupil of Zen Buddhism for some years, I also have an interest in philosophy and psychology.”

  • “I really liked it a lot. It turned out much more philosophical than I initially thought it was going to be. The great thing is, you touched on a lot of subjects that I have been trying to look into more lately.”

  • “Now that I have started reading it, I can't put it down. Gabe is very clear in my head and the way he ties in major thoughts of great thinkers is wonderful.”

  • “Gabe is an amazing character. Someone I'd like to meet. The ending totally took me by surprise and I'm still wondering. I'm gonna read it again.”

  • “One thing I really liked was the way that you connected the different concepts with music. That helped fit alot of pieces together for me.”

  • “It draws on other myth in the process, and utilizes contemporary scientific and psychological theories as well as music and manages to make some interesting connections.”

  • “The Gift of Gabe is the best description of waking up to What Is that I have ever read.”

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